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About Colleen



"My life before working with Colleen Forgus, The Girl And The Egg:  Thyroid Issues, Leaky Gut Issues, Weight Management peaks and valleys, mostly peaks, addicted to Medifast to control weight; thinking I was eating healthy but food cravings were out of control, exhausted all of the time, at least one day a week spent in bed or an entire weekend a month spent in bed, angry over food deprivation, afraid to have sugar, excess salt affected water retention and body swelling, food and seasonal allergies not improved over years of allergy shots.  


My life after working with Colleen Forgus:  so happy for being teachable and doing the work needed, as a result I am eating good, healthy food, 3 meals a day, enjoying eating, full of energy, feeling great, digestion fabulous, feel healed in my stomach, no more food cravings and weight is stable, no body swelling and awake refreshed every day.  My food allergies are gone, and seasonal allergies are under control.  The blessing is the awareness that I have been corrected, my supplements are sustaining me and creating long term health.  I owe it all to Colleen Forgus and her diligence and expertise.  Thank you!"


Clarisse Ringwald

Image Consultant and Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator
Clarisse Color Creations, LLC

"Shortly after I met Colleen I suffered a gallstone attack. We began working together and she helped me reduce the pain and inflammation through diet and targeted supplement use. As a result of our work together, my gallbladder has returned to a much-improved condition. 


What I love about working with Colleen is that she addresses the body as a whole. Her very detailed Nutritional Assessment Report coupled with her thorough understanding of nutrition allows her to not only alleviate what seems to be a primary symptom, but also addresses seemingly unrelated symptoms that she is able to detect and relate back to the root cause. As a result, today, I feel stronger, healthier and much more energized.


Colleen has also worked with my husband and daughter for minor symptoms and each has seen benefits, by simply adjusting a few things in their diet.


Colleen is intuitive, knowledgeable and deeply cares about her clients.  She is a joy to work with. I highly recommend her work to anyone seeking to improve his/her health."

"The educational materials from The Girl and The Egg have been a wonderful addition to my NTP practice! As soon as I graduated, I purchased most all of the rack cards, along with the “Digestion" and "Fat Burner Vs Sugar Burner” slideshows. This allowed me to start teaching classes right away, which was a perfect way to get me out there meeting potential clients. The racks cards were great for promotional purposes and for reviewing with clients during a consultation. They also make great handouts when teaching classes, since they line right up with the slides. I’m now a year into my practice and still find myself using these classes and rack cards. Colleen has been fabulous to work with! "


Liz Mahlich, NTP

Northern Nourishment

"I like to say that my hobby is nutrition and reading about supplements!  When I met Colleen and saw that hair analysis testing was one of her services, I was thrilled to get this assessment.  I found the results to be so very helpful.  The true value of the testing is that each body is unique, and your hair "tells the story" of what has been absorbed and what is lacking.  Colleen has wonderful knowledge to share about how the nutrient levels influence each other, and more importantly, how you can improve your health and vibrance! She spends a great deal of time going over your report, customizing a plan to maximize and improve your nutritional status, and helping you to understand any recommendations.  I am so grateful to her for sharing her expertise and will be recommending my clients for this invaluable tool for beauty and health!"


Debbie Davis

Owner/Aesthetician- Sleekskin Aesthetics

I consider myself a "Health Fanatic."  Throughout my adult life I read books, attended workshops, classes, had medical tests which included blood, salvia and urine to determine my physical and mental well being.  I incorporated clean eating, exercise, meditation and life style changes to decrease stress.




I was not feeling 100% and decided to do the "Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis." The results were life changing!!  Not only did the test identify my imbalances, I had the opportunity to work with Colleen.  She gave me the support to figure out what I needed to do to continue to make positive lasting life style changes. Colleen is an expert at creating your healthiest life possible.  She is conscientious and a good listener.  She will provide you with the tools, methods and embrace you with a supportive relationship that will ensure your greater well being.


Jonilynn Gearhart

Jonilynn Designs

DISCLAIMER:  As a Certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant, I am not licensed or certified by any state.  I have received a certificate of completion from the Nutritional Therapy Association, Inc.  A license to practice Nutritional Therapy is not required in the state of Arizona.  Laws and regulations regarding certification and licensure requirements differ from state to state.  Nutritional Therapy is not meant to diagnosis, treat or cure.  If you have any questions, always consult your physician.

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